Collecting insights from the ground for better decisions

Imagine flooring became transparent to you, that you were capable of seeing through its surface to find out whatever happens above. This is what we do and what we aim to at ESPACIA.

We develop simple solutions for you to understand how users interact with your own space. And we do it from the floor because it is non-intrusive and people are always on top of it.

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Simple and clear

Every step we take, every decision, it is meant to make our solution as simple as possible so everyone can get the most from ESPACIA.

Plug and play surface control

Plug & Play

You only need a power source and WIFI. Install it in just a few minutes to have a fully operable system, even if you have no technical background.

Plug and play surface control


Just place on the floor one or as many modular mats to control your space, whether its outdoors or indoors, with a minimum impact.

Plug and play surface control

Precisely insightful

Discover relevant KPIs in real-time that were previously unrealized or impossible to get. As you gain more visibility of your space, things become clear.

Precise 2 way counting

Precise 2 way counting

ESPACIA unique technology achieves 98% precision in every lighting condition, even in crowded situations, making sure your decisions are based on reliable data.


Non intrusive presence measuring

Our ground sensors are placed under a customizable cover layer, becoming invisible for users and workers.

Access control

Presence measurement pressure sensor

Easy to install, personalize and use solution to guarantee your space never surpasses its maximum allowed capacity. Just select a threshold.

Packable and outdoor resistant

ESPACIA can be easily moved from one place to another, and it is IP 65 certified, so it can be installed both indoors and outdoors (including non-flat surfaces).

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Arrange for a personalized, no-cost consultation with our experts to find out all you can do by simply placing a mat on your entry.

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Pressure mapping sensors

Pressure mapping sensors.
Transforming surfaces into a smart platform.
The technology that makes ESPACIA possible.

Using the most advanced available materials of electronic inks, we print a sensoring circuit that can be integrated in almost every surface.

Hardware & Firmware integration

The sensor is seamlessly integrated with all the peripheric systems needed to transform raw data into measurable events.

AI Powered

Thanks to the high-resolution sensor, our algorithms can identify almost all possible events, translating pressure into insights that go beyond counting.

Resistant and stretchable

Our solution is built on a stretchable material that can resist up to 600kg/10cm2 minimizing its maintenance and ensuring durability.

Low energy consumption

The system only needs 30mA to function, making it even easier to install everywhere and become wireless

Privacy and data protection

Privacy and data protection

Fully compatible with the European GDPR and other privacy protection laws, ensuring customer acceptance and regulations compliance.

Cost effective


Our advanced manufacturing process allows to offer top-notch sensors at a competitive price. The more area we cover, the more efficient we can be.

ESPACIA platform

Our platform architecture ensures real-time management, reliability and full scalability.

Connect all your spaces

Connect all your spaces

Connect and monitor all your ESPACIA points of installation in real-time from any device, just access the cloud to find the data you need.

Connect all your spaces

Complete integration

Compatible with all IoT and data standards to be Fully integrable with IT existing infrastructures through an API or direct interaction.

Remote maintenance

The connected platform allows ESPACIA to have complete visibility to maintain and update all systems remotely. If something happens, we will know and react.

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What they say about us

A company is worth its las client opinion, this is what they have said about us

“We are the first ones in Spain to install this innovative solution, and it works perfectly to monitor the traffic in our festival”

Fuengirola Major

“I was amazed of how it works, it’s super easy to use and visually simple”

DHUB Director

“It is incredible to see how precise it is, but more important for us is how portable and manageable the system is. We just unplug and move the sensor to where we need it”

NEBEXT Tradeshow Director

If you are still not convinced, you can also check the results of out work in more detail

Case 1
Case 2

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